This was a super fun Holiday Lifestyle shoot with the cute-as-ever Giver family with cookies, stories, and letters to Santa. Does it get any better than that?
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What an amazing wedding at Stillwater Hollow in Nampa, Idaho. And what a lovely couple who is so kind, loving, happy and full of life and humor. I truly wish the best for these two on life's journey together. Here are just a few from their day.
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SKATER DYLAN (Meridian HS Senior)

I've always loved doing senior portraits, but it's even more fun when they love to do things that aren't so typical. Action photos are some of my specialty and I really enjoy trying to get that one great shot that showcases their talent. This is Dylan. He skateboards and he also loves the outdoors so we went to the skate park and then continued on...
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Some days you get lucky and the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS and the colors are simply stunning. This was one of those days. So many little ones, and they all were amazing. (If you follow me you know that toddlers are my FAVE!) Hope you enjoy this family as much as I did.
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I was testing out some video functionality on the new iPhone7 so I threw together this little video about being an event photographer. Don't take the content seriously.:) This was done in one take and I edited out the parts where I was yelling at my dogs to be quiet. Ha! Video Shot on iPhone7, Audio on iPhone7 (no added mics), editing in iMovie, P...
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Sometimes I go hunting for new textures to add to my collection for use in photography. You can really never have too many textures, landscapes, clouds, skies, etc. Next time you want to add to your texture collection, I recommend taking your camera with you to the carwash! Here's some I took today.
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These beautiful girls are best friends and it shows. A quick best friend photo shoot on a cloudy day gives them memories to last a lifetime.
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I absolutely adore this family and I'm so honored to be able to capture special moments in their lives. They are about to have an addition in May, and I'm so happy for them. EDITING: I work hard to get nice, clean, crisp, timeless photos directly in camera, but sometimes the situation needs a bit of tweaking. Some small edits may be needed. I...
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FALL COLORS - Sims Family

I just love the fall colors in Boise/Meridian Idaho! This was a windy cloudy day and looking a little "sketchy" for a photo shoot, but we attempted it anyway. Looks like we got some great shots even with the clouds and wind. Hope you enjoy the Sims family just as much as I did!
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I was sitting at the Boise Train Depot waiting for a client to arrive (I was a bit early), when I see a guy get out of his car with a bouquet of flowers and a box in his back pocket. I just knew he was about to propose! I had my camera in hand and watched him walking until he came up behind a beautiful woman with pretty dark brown hair. She seemed...
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This little one is only 8 years old. She was so much fun to work with. She had the model poses down pat. I was able to give her all sorts of instruction, and she followed every step with ease. Not to mention, she's drop dead gorgeous! Thank you Miss Bella!
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I just keep on saying how toddlers are my favorite, and Jamison was no exception at all. He skipped his nap so he wasn't as happy as he would usually be, but we still managed to get a whole bunch of cute cute shots of him. That's the best thing about this age.. you can let them wander around and explore without forcing them to pose in certain ways.
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