Lisa Jordan @lisasEYEview: Blog en-us (C)LISA JORDAN (Lisa Jordan @lisasEYEview) Fri, 09 Feb 2018 05:06:00 GMT Fri, 09 Feb 2018 05:06:00 GMT Lisa Jordan @lisasEYEview: Blog 120 79 Golden Goddesses What a fun shoot in the studio with Tasha and Stella looking fierce with their golden embellishments just in time for Black History Month!

GOLD-119GOLD-119 GOLD-167-EditGOLD-167-Edit GOLD-221-EditGOLD-221-Edit GOLD-184-EditGOLD-184-Edit GOLD-233GOLD-233 GOLD-177-EditGOLD-177-Edit GOLD-239-EditGOLD-239-Edit GOLD-272-Edit-EditGOLD-272-Edit-Edit GOLD-287-EditGOLD-287-Edit


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Quick Photo Tip - Easy Jewelry Pics at Home Tips to remember: 


1. Remove all staging, textures, and crazy backdrops.

2. Place your jewelry on white.

3. Use white paper, boards, etc to reflect light from a window. 

4. Use a sheet or paper to diffuse window light. 

5. Take lots of photos. 

6. Make sure your photos are in focus.

7. Light light light!!! Lots of light on your jewelry to show details and color. 


Helpful product links:


Acrylic Boards HERE.

Foam Core HERE.


Photos all shot on iPhone 7 without editing

Jewelry in this video was designed by Lisa Jordan (me)

Dog walking around is Butch (Pug/Chihuahua mix)


Let me know if you have any questions or would like more tips. 

Happy Designing!



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All Dolled Up Well... all dressed up in costume anyway. Here are some shots from my time with Katrina when she dressed up as Rey from Star Wars and Indiana Jones. They were all taken near the Boise River. 


LEV_7160-EditLEV_7160-Edit LEV_7107-EditLEV_7107-Edit LEV_7193-Edit-EditLEV_7193-Edit-Edit LEV_7376-EditLEV_7376-Edit LEV_7440-EditLEV_7440-Edit LEV_7116-EditLEV_7116-Edit LEV_7213-EditLEV_7213-Edit LEV_7177LEV_7177 LEV_7323-EditLEV_7323-Edit LEV_7221-EditLEV_7221-Edit LEV_7367LEV_7367 LEV_7371LEV_7371 LEV_7417LEV_7417 LEV_7365LEV_7365

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Shino VanHoose Shino Vanhoose is a fighter. No really, she is. :)

Night time shoot in downtown Boise.


LEV_5467-EditLEV_5467-Edit LEV_5552LEV_5552 LEV_5583-EditLEV_5583-Edit LEV_5566-EditLEV_5566-Edit LEV_5452-EditLEV_5452-Edit LEV_5537-EditLEV_5537-Edit

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SOPHIA - SENIOR 2018 Fall in Boise is spectacular... just like Sophia!


LEV_4393LEV_4393 LEV_4410LEV_4410 LEV_4430LEV_4430 LEV_4449LEV_4449 LEV_3179LEV_3179 LEV_3211LEV_3211 LEV_3222LEV_3222 LEV_3233LEV_3233 LEV_3252LEV_3252 LEV_3282LEV_3282 LEV_3291LEV_3291 LEV_3361LEV_3361 LEV_3391LEV_3391 LEV_3408LEV_3408 LEV_3438LEV_3438 LEV_3478LEV_3478 LEV_3516LEV_3516 LEV_3566LEV_3566 LEV_3586LEV_3586 LEV_3626LEV_3626 LEV_3645LEV_3645 LEV_3666LEV_3666

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Cooper Dean So much fun chasing this little guy around. What a cutie pie!

Also, the Boise River is spectacular in the fall.


LE2_6869LE2_6869 LE2_6890LE2_6890 LE2_6942-EditLE2_6942-Edit LE2_6970LE2_6970 LE2_6997LE2_6997 LE2_7031LE2_7031 LE2_7040LE2_7040 LE2_7062LE2_7062 LE2_7086LE2_7086 LE2_7093-EditLE2_7093-Edit LE2_7102LE2_7102 LE2_7139LE2_7139 LE2_7143LE2_7143 LE2_7146LE2_7146 LE2_7180-EditLE2_7180-Edit

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Lauren-At-The-Village Miss Lauren Stopher at the Village in Meridian.

What an amazing night. 

Makeup by Shelby Brown. Clothes by Swank Boutique in Boise.

LEV_1832LEV_1832 LE2_5829-EditLE2_5829-Edit LEV_1886-EditLEV_1886-Edit LEV_1894-EditLEV_1894-Edit LEV_2008LEV_2008 LEV_2094-EditLEV_2094-Edit LEV_2112-EditLEV_2112-Edit LEV_2129LEV_2129

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Paula + Darrell Another happy couple who just happens to be very good looking.


LE3_1947LE3_1947 LE3_1958LE3_1958 LEV_7723LEV_7723 LEV_7727LEV_7727 LE3_1995LE3_1995 LE3_2020LE3_2020 LE3_2043LE3_2043 LE3_2050LE3_2050 LE3_2063LE3_2063 LE3_2069LE3_2069 LE3_2077LE3_2077 LE3_2094LE3_2094

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Bellator Beauty A recent shoot with a beautiful young lady who just happens to also be a fierce MMA fighter. She's amazing in the ring and in front of the camera. 

Check out Miss Veta on her Facebook page HERE.


LE2_3145LE2_3145 LE2_2848LE2_2848 LE2_2856LE2_2856 LE2_2876LE2_2876 LE2_2915LE2_2915 LE2_2951LE2_2951 LE2_2967LE2_2967 LE2_3007LE2_3007 LE2_3063LE2_3063 LE2_3087LE2_3087 LE2_2992LE2_2992 LE2_3104LE2_3104 LEV_0367LEV_0367 LE2_3034LE2_3034 LE2_3079LE2_3079

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HOLIDAY HAPPENINGS This was a super fun Holiday Lifestyle shoot with the cute-as-ever Giver family with cookies, stories, and letters to Santa. Does it get any better than that?


LE3_4680LE3_4680 LE3_4684LE3_4684 LE3_4689LE3_4689 LE3_4694LE3_4694 LE3_4696LE3_4696 LE3_4697LE3_4697 LE3_4703LE3_4703 LE3_4711-EditLE3_4711-Edit LE3_4715LE3_4715 LE3_4722LE3_4722 LE3_4731LE3_4731 LE3_4732LE3_4732 LE3_4733LE3_4733 LE3_4966LE3_4966 LE3_4968LE3_4968 LE3_4982LE3_4982 LE3_4989LE3_4989 LE3_4997LE3_4997 LE3_5011LE3_5011 LE3_5022LE3_5022 LE3_5024LE3_5024 LE3_4759LE3_4759 LE3_4762LE3_4762 LE3_4770LE3_4770 LE3_4774LE3_4774 LE3_4787LE3_4787 LE3_4791LE3_4791 LE3_4793LE3_4793 LE3_4797LE3_4797 LE3_4798LE3_4798 LE3_4802LE3_4802 LE3_4806LE3_4806 LE3_4888LE3_4888 LE3_4889LE3_4889 LE3_4926LE3_4926 LE3_4942LE3_4942 LE3_4957LE3_4957 LE3_4812LE3_4812 LE3_4817LE3_4817 LE3_4821LE3_4821 LE3_4827LE3_4827 LE3_4858LE3_4858 LE3_4874LE3_4874 LE3_4878LE3_4878 LE3_4743LE3_4743 LE3_4746LE3_4746 LE3_4750LE3_4750 LE3_4753LE3_4753 LE3_4756LE3_4756 LE3_4726LE3_4726 LE3_4727LE3_4727 LE3_4728LE3_4728


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TAWNI + JUAN What an amazing wedding at Stillwater Hollow in Nampa, Idaho. And what a lovely couple who is so kind, loving, happy and full of life and humor. I truly wish the best for these two on life's journey together. 

Here are just a few from their day.


LE3_0706LE3_0706 LE3_0747LE3_0747 LE3_0864LE3_0864 LE3_0901LE3_0901 LE3_0908LE3_0908 LE3_0923LE3_0923 LE3_0962LE3_0962 LE3_0969LE3_0969 LE3_0979LE3_0979 LE3_0993LE3_0993 LE3_1031-EditLE3_1031-Edit LEV_5184LEV_5184 LEV_5189LEV_5189 LEV_5244LEV_5244 LEV_5211LEV_5211 LE3_0919-EditLE3_0919-Edit LE3_1016-EditLE3_1016-Edit LE3_1041-EditLE3_1041-Edit LEV_5181-EditLEV_5181-Edit LE3_0989-EditLE3_0989-Edit

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SKATER DYLAN (Meridian HS Senior) I've always loved doing senior portraits, but it's even more fun when they love to do things that aren't so typical. Action photos are some of my specialty and I really enjoy trying to get that one great shot that showcases their talent. 

This is Dylan. He skateboards and he also loves the outdoors so we went to the skate park and then continued on to the foothills for some nature looks. Here's a few of our shots. 


LE3_2563LE3_2563 LE3_2606-EditLE3_2606-Edit LE3_2690LE3_2690 LE3_2755LE3_2755 LE3_2756LE3_2756 LE3_2757LE3_2757 LE3_2776LE3_2776 LE3_2786LE3_2786 LE3_2799LE3_2799 LE3_2807LE3_2807 LE3_2825LE3_2825 LE3_2833LE3_2833 LE3_2837LE3_2837 LE3_2845LE3_2845 LE3_2857LE3_2857 LE3_2868LE3_2868 LE3_2874LE3_2874 LE3_2884LE3_2884

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SO MANY FAMILIES Some days you get lucky and the weather is absolutely GORGEOUS and the colors are simply stunning. This was one of those days. So many little ones, and they all were amazing. (If you follow me you know that toddlers are my FAVE!)

Hope you enjoy this family as much as I did. 

LE3_1315-EditLE3_1315-Edit LE3_1328LE3_1328 LE3_1408-EditLE3_1408-Edit LE3_1434LE3_1434 LE3_1516LE3_1516 LE3_1519LE3_1519 LE3_1546LE3_1546 LE3_1584LE3_1584 LE3_1636LE3_1636 LE3_1731LE3_1731


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I was testing out some video functionality on the new iPhone7 so I threw together this little video about being an event photographer. Don't take the content seriously. :) This was done in one take and I edited out the parts where I was yelling at my dogs to be quiet. Ha! 

Video Shot on iPhone7, Audio on iPhone7 (no added mics), editing in iMovie, Pictures are by me or of me, cartoons were found online.




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TEXTURE HUNTING Sometimes I go hunting for new textures to add to my collection for use in photography. You can really never have too many textures, landscapes, clouds, skies, etc. 

Next time you want to add to your texture collection, I recommend taking your camera with you to the carwash! 

Here's some I took today.

LE2_7437LE2_7437 LE2_7439LE2_7439 LE2_7440LE2_7440 LE2_7441LE2_7441 LE2_7442LE2_7442 LE2_7445LE2_7445 LE2_7446LE2_7446 LE2_7447LE2_7447 LE2_7448LE2_7448 LE2_7449LE2_7449 LE2_7450-2LE2_7450-2 LE2_7450LE2_7450 LE2_7451LE2_7451 LE2_7452LE2_7452

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BESTIES These beautiful girls are best friends and it shows. 

A quick best friend photo shoot on a cloudy day gives them memories to last a lifetime. 


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LEATONS + 1 I absolutely adore this family and I'm so honored to be able to capture special moments in their lives. They are about to have an addition in May, and I'm so happy for them. 




I work hard to get nice, clean, crisp, timeless photos directly in camera, but sometimes the situation needs a bit of tweaking. Some small edits may be needed. I prefer my photoshop like I wear my makeup, enhance what you have but make it look like you're not using it. #housebegone :)

Ashley B and AAshley B and A

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FALL COLORS - Sims Family I just love the fall colors in Boise/Meridian Idaho! This was a windy cloudy day and looking a little "sketchy" for a photo shoot, but we attempted it anyway. Looks like we got some great shots even with the clouds and wind. Hope you enjoy the Sims family just as much as I did!

LEV_7848LEV_7848 LEV_7860LEV_7860 LEV_7862LEV_7862 LEV_7871-2LEV_7871-2 LEV_7872LEV_7872 LEV_7877LEV_7877 LEV_7882LEV_7882 LEV_7885LEV_7885 LEV_7889LEV_7889 LEV_7888LEV_7888 LEV_7891LEV_7891 LEV_7894LEV_7894 LEV_7907LEV_7907 LEV_7911LEV_7911 LEV_7916LEV_7916 LEV_7920LEV_7920 LEV_7929LEV_7929 LEV_7934LEV_7934 LEV_7942LEV_7942 LEV_7944LEV_7944 LEV_7958LEV_7958 LEV_7962LEV_7962 LEV_7970LEV_7970 LEV_7975LEV_7975 LEV_7988LEV_7988

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DEPOT-LOVE I was sitting at the Boise Train Depot waiting for a client to arrive (I was a bit early), when I see a guy get out of his car with a bouquet of flowers and a box in his back pocket. I just knew he was about to propose! I had my camera in hand and watched him walking until he came up behind a beautiful woman with pretty dark brown hair. She seemed really surprised to see him. I looked all around and did not see a photographer anywhere around... other than the friend who was there with her cell phone. So I took a chance on being the creepy stranger and jumped in to get some photos of this moment for them. These are the things in life that MUST be documented for all to see! 

Turns out, I've reffed Alyssa when she played volleyball at Boise State. They were ultimately happy I was there to get photos for them. I didn't charge them for this... just a gift from me for making my day. :) 

Who doesn't love LOVE? 

LE2_7235LE2_7235 LE2_7232LE2_7232 LE2_7237LE2_7237 LE2_7239LE2_7239 LE2_7241LE2_7241 LE2_7244LE2_7244 LE2_7245LE2_7245 LE2_7246LE2_7246 LE2_7247LE2_7247 LE2_7249LE2_7249 LE2_7250LE2_7250 LE2_7251LE2_7251 LE2_7253LE2_7253 LE2_7256LE2_7256 LE2_7260LE2_7260 LE2_7261LE2_7261 LE2_7266LE2_7266 LE2_7267LE2_7267 LE2_7270LE2_7270 LE2_7271LE2_7271 LE2_7273LE2_7273 LE2_7309-2LE2_7309-2 LE2_7308-2LE2_7308-2

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BELLA This little one is only 8 years old. She was so much fun to work with. She had the model poses down pat. I was able to give her all sorts of instruction, and she followed every step with ease. Not to mention, she's drop dead gorgeous! Thank you Miss Bella! 

LE2_7639LE2_7639 LEV_4871LEV_4871 LEV_4867LEV_4867 LEV_4878LEV_4878 LE2_7643LE2_7643 LE2_7649LE2_7649 LEV_4883LEV_4883 LE2_7659LE2_7659 LE2_7671LE2_7671 LE2_7682LE2_7682 LE2_7687LE2_7687 LE2_7693LE2_7693 LE2_7700LE2_7700 LE2_7703LE2_7703 LE2_7705LE2_7705 LE2_7715LE2_7715 LEV_4887LEV_4887 LEV_4898LEV_4898 LEV_4893LEV_4893 LE2_7726LE2_7726 LE2_7737-2LE2_7737-2 LE2_7746LE2_7746 LE2_7751LE2_7751 LE2_7753LE2_7753 LE2_7754LE2_7754 LE2_7756LE2_7756 LEV_4903LEV_4903 LEV_4909LEV_4909 LEV_4914LEV_4914

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