Hello Hockey Teams!
It's time for the big annual tournament, and I'd like to give you information on photos. 
I will have a table set up on the concourse so come see me!
Here are some options for you to consider:
1. Sign up on your team's sign up sheet if your'e interested in having your action photos taken. This list helps me know who to look for when shooting. After the game, see the photos on the tv screens and choose ones to order. Prints range from $8 for wallets to $20 for 8x10's. 
... OR ...
2. Your team can sign up for the team special where every team member gets full access to the entire weekends photos. That means every kid gets every digital file to print or share. You don't have to look through hundreds of photos and choose what to buy, and it's a much better deal for you. Use them for your team's scrapbook, or for printing posters, etc. The team special is only $250 for the entire team which is less than $25 per kid. 
Please keep in mind that I am a professional photographer. I am the house photographer at the arena and I have full ice access. You can bring your camera, but you will not be allowed to go in the same places I can go. Also, who wants to take pics the whole time when you can just watch and enjoy your snacks? 
Here's a quote from a parent last year: 
"My son Jacob is an elite player who plays all over North America. We have bought many pictures of his action shots, but yours might be the best we have seen quality and clarity. Thanks for the great job!" - John
This year's photos will be located HERE.
Last year's photos can be found HERE.
I accept cash, check or credit cards.