Lisa Jordan @lisasEYEview | WEDDING PRICING

Your wedding is a very special day in your life. This is not a day that you want to rely on Uncle Bob to take the portraits just because he has a nice camera. After your special day has come and gone, the cake has been eaten, the DJ packed up, and decorations torn down there is one thing you look forward to and can keep forever.... your photos!

I have photographed many weddings of all types and have a lot of experience capturing the special moments as they happen. As a photographer who specializes in live events and journalism, weddings are right along the same line. Things are happening quickly. I have to keep up and be all over the place. I have to give a lot of instruction to people I don't know, in a tactful and professional way. These are things I have years of experience with. 

Weddings take a lot of preparation. Timelines are built, lists are made. I am familiar with the process and know what questions to ask and things to expect. I work with you months before the wedding in the planning stages all along the way. It's very important to have your photographer involved in the details so there won't be a beat missed.








Every wedding is different and special. I would like to sit down with you and discuss your day in detail. There are ways to save money, and creative things to try that you may be interested in hearing about. I will give you information to take home and discuss. I encourage you to do your research, ask a lot of questions and go with the photographer that best suits your needs for YOUR special day!